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What is Upcycle Boutique?

What is Upcyle Boutique?
Upcycle Boutique is a new way to shop for gently used clothing. Our experienced buyers have a keen eye and have put together a collection of high-quality, fashionable gems from estate liquidators, private collections, and warehouse-based clothing brokers. We help you set up a boutique in your home and invite friends, neighbors, and PTA members for an afternoon or evening of girlfriend fun. It’s upscale recycling!
Upcycle Boutique shares profits with the PTA. Our fundraisers give your friends and school
community access to the best in affordable used clothing finds, including designer labels, new fashions and unique vintage pieces in all shapes and sizes. It’s like having access to your best friend’s closet—but the clothes fit and you get to keep what you love! Whether you’re a vintage store devotee or a newbie to the thrill of really great secondhand finds, you’ll enjoy discovering new fashions while sipping champagne and nibbling appetizers with friends.
Who we are-
Upcycle Boutique was started by three Alameda moms, Joy Johnson, Michelle Morgan, and Sylvia Kahn as a “traveling” boutique for friends and neighbors. Joy is the former owner of the hip reuse shop, Blue Rectangle, now Rocket ReUse on Park Street. Joy created the vintage clothing section, and still has items there. She wanted to continue to share her clothing resources with friends—and the idea for Upcycle Boutique was born.
The first few boutiques were such a success, we expanded the guest list and pioneered our first fundraising boutique with the Franklin Elementary PTA in Alameda. Women who had never shopped at thrift or used clothing stores were amazed by the quality of the collections—and the money they saved. Just as important to the PTA was the community-building around the event, which allowed new groups of moms to get to know each other in a relaxed, adult setting, while raising money for their kids’ education.
How it works
Upcycle Boutique handles most of the event management for you, including:
• Working with you to set a date for the event • Invitations & RSVPs • Flyers promoting your event
• Formatted information for your PTA Website • Clothing collection • Light hors devours & beverages
• Music • Mirrors • Dressing area • Serving as attendants/consultants while women shop • Check out and bookkeeping
On the day of your party, Upcycle Boutique will come in, set up, run the event, serve the food and beverage and ring up all sales. After the event, your school or other charitable organization receives a percentage of all Upcycle Boutique sales.  No fuss. No purchasing of high-priced unnecessary items. And we handle set up and clean up.
Your PTA is responsible for hosting the party, promoting the event, and encouraging friends and
attendees to shop. All clothes are seasonal or vintage, in great shape and have been hand selected
for their style and quality.

One comment on “What is Upcycle Boutique?

  1. Lu Burton
    April 26, 2012

    I would love to talk with you about doing an event at Curves on Blanding Ave. I love to do fundraisers for our women’s shelter and the Alameda Food Bank. Please email me at luburton@sbcglobal.net. What a great idea!

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